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Below are references to provide information on the scorekeeping and timekeeping process for the HRLax League High School Lacrosse Divisions for the Spring 2022 season.

We appreciate your help and volunteerism to make this sport possible for our Public High School Lacrosse Teams.

 Boys Game: 

Table Crew: Timekeepers/Scorekeepers/Statisticians

HRLax Timekeeper/Scorekeeper/Statistician Training Briefing  <--- Read this if new to Time/Score/Stats
Table Area Crew Rules, Responsibilities, and Job Details  <--- For all Timekeepers, Scorers, and Statisticians
Test your knowledge:
HRLax Boys HS Table Crew Basics Quiz <--- For all Timekeepers, Scorers, and Statisticians


Timekeepers keep game-times and penalty times; the position is a game requirement, provided by the home team

NFHS Timer Instruction SheetA guide for the HRLax Boys HS game timekeeper.
NFHS Timer Reference Chart - A one-page reference chart for Boys HS game timekeeper.
Test your knowledge:
HRLax Boys HS Timekeeper Quiz <--- For all Timekeepers,
Scorekeepers record rosters, goals, assists, penalties, and team time-outs in the official scorebook; the position is a game requirement, provided by the home team.  An additional scorekeeper provided by the visiting team is encouraged.
HRLax Boys HS Scorer Quiz  <--- For all Scorekeepers

HRLax encourages each team to provide a statistician and spotter for each of their games to accurately record player stats and to enter them on the HRLax website.  Statisticians record individual shots, ground balls, caused turnovers, turnovers, face-offs, and goalie saves.

Mens' Lacrosse Statistician Manual  - The Official NCAA 2015 Men's Lacrosse Statisticians' Manual
Men's Lacrosse Statistician Sheet  - A one-sheet Men's Lacrosse Statisticians' guide

Single Stat Collection Sheets - Useful sheets for assistant statisticians or helpers:
Test your knowledge:
HRLax Boys HS Statisticians Quiz  <--- For all Statisticians


 Girls Game: 

Timekeepers & Scorekeepers:

USL Women's Timekeeper & Scorekeeper Roles - Excerpt of duties of timekeeper and scorekeeper from the official US Lacrosse Rule Book for Women's and Girl's Lacrosse 

NCAA Women's Statisticians' Manual  - The Official National Collegiate Athletic Association 2016 Women's Lacrosse Statisticians' Manual 

Women's Lacrosse Statisticians Guide - From, published 2014