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Post-Game Sportmanship

One of the great parts of any team sport is the ability to compete against an opponent at the highest level possible.  Without an opponent this opportunity is lost.  That is why it is so important to thank our opponents after a game for giving us the opportunity to play and coach to our potential.  Simply put, without an opponent, there is no game.

As a league, HRLax should be a leader in teaching both skill and sportsmanship.  Both are parts of the game of lacrosse and a focus on sportsmanship as well as skill is important.  

HRLax requests that all coaches explain sportsmanship to their players at all levels and reinforce it during and after each game.  Please consciously add sportsmanship to your training and don’t assume that it has already been taught.  

The procedure and conduct for after game congratulations should include:

1.     Boys: Helmets on; 
2.     Right Glove off;
3.     A handshake.

Encourage the kids to save fist bumps and elbow smashes for teammates and friends.  Let them know that name calling and unkind remarks in line are not acceptable.  A message of respect is the main thing to convey after the game.
Thank you for your continued support of lacrosse and sportsmanship in HRLax.