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3. Safety and Risk Management: League has written policies and plans for safety and risk management that are publicly available and regularly communicated to program coaches, administrators, and parents. Unless specifically noted, all policies are followed during all practices and games.

Codes of conduct: Additional conduct contract to be annually signed by all players, coaches and parents 
Alcohol/Drug/PED policies for players, coaches and parents/spectators
♦ HRLax Emergency Plan Template for Teams
   HRLax Emergency Plan Template - (MS Word) 

Coach on-field checklist: items coaches should have at all times such as emergency contact list, first aid kit, etc.
Sudden cardiac arrest and commotio cordis protocol; More Information on Commotio Cordis
CPR/AED: Awareness and educational resources, training for all head coaches is available at pre-season coach meeeting
AED:  At least one unit is available at all game sites.
♦ First aid plan, including how to handle blood
Heat and dehydration policy
Return to Play policy for suspected head injury:


♦ Safe Sport Environment Policies, includes: – (define)

Abuse awareness and prevention - Policy
• Appropriate communication
• Safe team practices

♦ Extreme weather policies: Lightning, Tornado/Severe weather
♦ Playing time statement/policy

♦ Field inspection checklist
Practice duration and frequency policy; U-9 and U-11 Policy; U-13 and U-15 Policy
Game day policy (includes post-game procedures such as hand-shake and pre-game procedures as per officials)

  • Drop Off and Pick Up Policy: The HRLax League pick up and drop off policy is two adult individuals will remain on site until the last child is picked up.