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Varsity Status Frequently Asked Questions
1) VHSL Background

  • Virginia High School League
  • Alliance of Virginia’s 312 public high schools
  • Organized & run by the principals
  • Administered by the Athletic Directors, at principals’ discretion

2) History of lacrosse in VHSL

  • By late ‘90s a large majority of Northern VA schools had club lacrosse teams. Their principals desired lacrosse to be included under the VHSL umbrella.
  • They were accepted into VHSL under probationary status with the understanding was the number of boys’ and girls’ lacrosse programs would each grow to 100 member schools sponsoring VHSL lacrosse statewide by this season.
  • Currently there are 90 boys teams and 87 girls teams.
  • The first VHSL State Championship was played in 2006.

3) Status of HS Lacrosse in Southeastern VA (Richmond to VA-NC border)

  • There are currently 8 boys and 7 girls school-sponsored VHSL school teams in the Richmond Zone
  • The first Hanover County HS Lacrosse Team achieved club status in 2006.  Hanover County required 3 years as club status before application for VHSL status was considered. 

4) What is the process to make lacrosse a varsity sport in our schools?

  • Lacrosse was approved by VHSL as an athletic activity on a probationary status.
  • Principal, School Board Chairman, and Superintendent have to include lacrosse in their annual application for VHSL membership.
  • Principal has to sponsor request to School Board Office (SBO).
  • School Board Office has to review and approve lacrosse as a school-sponsored VHSL sport. Note: this may be funded differently in each school district, depending on School Board funding policies.

 5) How can you help?

  • If your school does not have a club team or your son/daughter are still in the youth system and districted for a school without a team, contact Sandi Dittig (Temp POC),
  • Offer to support your area's youth program as player growth and visibility to the school district are key.